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About the Plan

Our Plan: A Roadmap to a Sustainable Future

TCLP has developed and implement a strategic framework for measuring, planning and positively impacting the climate based on the above. This strategic framework will be utilized for future corporate strategic planning as well as further collaboration with the Traverse City community and government.

Current State: Our Journey So Far

  • Historical Achievements: Learn about how we pioneered the industry’s first green rate and invested in wind power as early as 1996.
  • Current Commitments: Discover our progress toward achieving 40% renewable energy by 2025.

The Future: Where We’re Going

  • Renewable Energy Portfolio: Our ambition is to switch to 100% renewable energy sources by 2040.
  • Customer Empowerment: Learn how we aim to evolve from mere energy providers to partners in energy decisions and production.
  • Promoting DERs: Find out how we’re working to make distributed energy resources a core part of our strategy.
  • Electrification: Stay updated on our plans to promote electric vehicles and energy-efficient home heating.
  • Innovation: From energy storage to smart grid technologies, we’re committed to innovation.

What’s Next: Our Upcoming Priorities

  • Climate Action Plan: Get a sneak peek into how this plan will serve as a cornerstone in our corporate strategic vision.
  • Rate Program Evolution: We’re refining our time-of-use rate program, and we want your input.
  • Distribution System: See how our infrastructure is evolving to become more efficient and reliable.

In Conclusion: Your Role in a Sustainable Future

TCLP’s Climate Action Plan outlines a comprehensive roadmap to innovation, sustainability, and community involvement. We invite you to join us in making both our utility and community thrive sustainably.