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About the Plan

Traverse City Light & Power, a municipally owned public power and telecom utility, has been providing electricity to Traverse City for 110 years. We serve a community rich in natural beauty with its location on the shores for East Grand Traverse Bay and West Grand Traverse, both of which flow into Lake Michigan.

For TCLP, the journey to a cleaner energy future began with its investments in renewable resources. In 1996, it pioneered the first utility grade windmill in the United States, which allowed for the establishment of a “green rate” giving customers the ability to invest in renewable energy at a premium.

That first step started TCLP’s momentum. This was followed by the closure of the Bayside Power Plant, increased investments in wind and solar projects, and in 2018, the establishment of an 100% renewable energy goal by or before 2040.

Since 1996, much has changed in the industry in terms of capabilities and affordability. Emphasis on decarbonization has increased, as well as the criticality of grid modernization and resilience. However, the focus on a clean energy future remains strong.

While TCLP is aware of the ongoing debate as to the reality or severity of “Climate Change”, its actions and goals demonstrate its value for climate health. TCLP desires to determine and strategize its role as an active participant in climate health in a manner that allows it to sustain utility business and services while being mindful of its impact to all people, its financial viability, and the planet it shares.

To that end, TCLP intends to develop and implement a strategic framework for measuring, planning and positively impacting the climate based on the above. This strategic framework will be utilized for future corporate strategic planning as well as further collaboration with the Traverse City community and government.