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Energy Waste Reduction

Reducing waste reduction is focused on conservation of energy. Doing so reduces the air, soil, and water contamination that is often caused by the excess generation of electricity to run facilities and equipment. By reducing your consumption, you are reducing the need for existing power generation to expand or new generation to be built (expand or build new power plants). This is especially important as utilities embark on the planned transition to renewable energy sources because it reduces the number of renewable sources that are needed, while also increasing the resilience of our grid and the lifespan of existing power plants.

TCLP Energy Saver Rebates

We understand that making improvements to decrease your energy consumption comes at a significant cost to customers. To assist in making approvements more accessible TCLP’s Energy Saver program offers customers rebates on a wide variety of energy saving products from LEDs to furnaces, appliances and more.

Methods for Reducing Your Home Energy Consumption