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Integrated Resource Plan

Developing an Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) is an important step in creating a roadmap to a more sustainable energy future. By assessing how our existing electric generation and distribution practices differ from our future needs we can determine what changes must be made over the next five, 10- or even 20-years.

As part of the Climate Action Plan development, TCLP is creating an IRP to establish what the future of our operations should look like to best meet the future needs of our customers, while retaining the level of quality service and reliability they depend upon. We anticipate the emergence of new long-term climate focused goals and the establishment clearer picture of how the many energy conservation techniques will transform our community as a result of this process.

Through planning, utilities can explore and address items like upcoming impacts to energy procurement sources, implementations of cost-effective strategies for distribution upgrades to meet demand, the development of energy efficiency and renewable-focused programs and more. IRPs are an essential planning mechanism for utilities of all shapes and sizes, as we work to adjust to the rapidly changing energy landscape in a way that is both equitable and sustainable for our climate and our communities.