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Stakeholder Engagement Strategies

In addition to commissioning studies that provide industry landscape analysis, costs of service strategies and innovative, environmentally focused energy strategies TCLP has prioritized stakeholder engagement throughout the development of our Climate Action Plan. Stakeholder Engagement has been implemented through a variety of unique strategies intended to provide opportunities for stakeholders to discuss, inform and play a role in its creation.

The Value of Stakeholder Engagement

We believe that Stakeholder Engagement is critical to the development of our Climate Action Plan. It brings stakeholders into the planning process, allowing TCLP to can gain valuable insights, ideas, and support for our efforts to reduce our region’s carbon footprint and mitigate the impact of climate change. By involving stakeholders we also aim to develop trust and foster ownership in the planning process, while also working to ensure that the plan is feasible, practical, and addresses the needs and concerns of all relevant parties. These efforts also pave the way for partnerships and collaboration, which can be critical to the success of the plan.

Our Stakeholders

There are many types of stakeholders that were considered when creating our climate action plan. They include employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, educators, government agencies, joint action agencies and environmental organizations, among others. Each of these stakeholder groups brings unique perspectives, expertise, and resources to the table, and it is important to consider their needs and concerns when developing the plan. By including a diverse range of stakeholders, we at TCLP we believe that our Climate Action Plan will comprehensive, well-informed, and support our key stakeholders.

Open Houses Events

Our Open House events have served as a great way to generate stakeholder engagement on climate action planning. TCLP’s series of four events provide an opportunity for members of the community to learn more about the climate action planning process, ask questions, and provide input and feedback. This strategy has been crucial as we work to increase the visibility of the climate action planning process and engage more people in the process, while creating momentum and support for the work to come.


Surveys are a powerful tool for gathering important information and insights from stakeholders. Our pair of surveys, focusing on residential and commercial customers and stakeholders, allowed TCLP to gather feedback and input from a large number of people in a quick and efficient manner, making it an ideal choice for engaging stakeholders in the planning process. We conducted two surveys simultaneously from November to December 2022, which generated roughly 500 unique participants.

Focus Groups

TCLP conducted four focus group sessions at the Cherry Capital Airport in December 2022, with participation from select stakeholders, ranging from regional environmentalists and local government to commercial businesses and residential customers. Through focus groups, we are able to gain a deeper understanding of our stakeholders’ perspectives and needs. The sessions also help to ensure that the plan is responsive to the needs and interests of all stakeholders, and that our plan has the support and buy-in necessary for successful implementation.

1-on-1 Interviews

1-on-1 interviews offer a personalized and confidential setting for stakeholder businesses and community leaders to share their thoughts, ideas, and concerns with the TCLP. These interviews provide an opportunity for the company to listen directly to the unique perspectives and needs of each stakeholder, and to ask targeted questions to gather more detailed and specific information. TCLP will be scheduling these interviews in early 2023 – if you are interested in taking part, please reach out via our feedback form.